Barhale Partners With Intuety

5 February 2024

We are Pleased to Announce That…

Leading UK Construction Dynamo Barhale have Partnered with Intuety to Enhance Site Safety and Efficiency. The partnership will help Barhale improve the quality and consistency of its RAMS and safe systems of work.

Barhale is the latest major construction company to adopt Intuety’s advanced AI to
keep their projects running on time and within budget. The partnership aims to enhance Barhale’s suite of RAMS and safe systems of work, providing consistency and efficiency to internal and site teams and clients.


Barhale Director Phil Cull said :

“We have made a significant investment in AI and innovation across the business, and we continue to explore new avenues where we believe technology can make a real difference to how we deliver our work. We have been impressed by Intuety’s approach, which we feel aligns closely with our own, and we are looking forward to working with them to deploy the LRM across projects.” 

About Barhale:

Barhale (a subsidiary of Barhale Holdings plc) is one of the most prominent civil engineering and infrastructure specialists with 40 years of experience working UK-wide across the water, transport, built environment and energy sectors. The group was founded by Dennis Curran in 1980 and was initially set up as a specialist tunnelling contractor. While Barhale retains its tunnelling roots, repeated success in several construction industry sectors has enabled us to expand our skillset and become one of the UK’s most prominent privately owned infrastructure specialists.



Simon Wright, Intuety MD, said :

“Barhale has joined our growing client base, and we at Intuety are thrilled to have them on board. Barhale are masters in delivering technically complex projects, and by adopting our unique Large Risk Model (LRM) for site safety, Barhale has invested in our platform to ensure their team saves time and protects their people.”

About Intuety:

Intuety is a cloud-based solution that brings AI into the health and Safety workplace; our freely searchable library utilises semantic search and Natural Language Understanding to instantly provide you with relevant Hazards, Risks and Mitigations based on what you search.

Intuety will provide each RAMS with an objective quality score out of 100% that improves
throughout the process, which provides an element of gamification that motivates improvements.

Intelligent Suggestions

Intuety provides Intelligent suggestions on each RAMS for risks and controls that may not have been considered or otherwise missed therefore improving the quality of the document and lowering the likelihood and severity of presented hazards. It also provides an analysis of the RA and MS, uncovering key improvements and insights, ensuring consistent documentation.

Intuety’s corporate memory narrows thousands of internal and public lessons learned and incident documentation to a few relevant documents every time. Ensuring your teams can access the most up-to-date information and make informed decisions.

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