Got Questions?

Our team are always happy to answer any queries you might have about how Intuety works and how it might fit with your operations. Contact us on 01639 505 101 or see our list of frequently asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Intuety security certified? EC4131C8-8AFF-439D-9B99-9672F28A248A

Yes, we are Cyber Essentials Plus certified.

Do I need to integrate? EC4131C8-8AFF-439D-9B99-9672F28A248A

Intuety requires no integration or complicated setup to begin.

Do you provide end user support? EC4131C8-8AFF-439D-9B99-9672F28A248A

Yes, we provide extensive support from our dedicated team, available through multiple channels including Live Chat, Phone and Self Service Ticketing.

Do you provide user training? EC4131C8-8AFF-439D-9B99-9672F28A248A

As part of your package, you are able to utilise live training sessions for your users.

What platform is the application on? EC4131C8-8AFF-439D-9B99-9672F28A248A

The Intuety application is web-based so requires no download.

Do you provide any integrations with other software? EC4131C8-8AFF-439D-9B99-9672F28A248A

We are open to integrations with your other platforms, reach out to us to discuss.

Can I continue to use my own RAMs format? EC4131C8-8AFF-439D-9B99-9672F28A248A

You can, providing your format roughly follows HSE guidelines to structure data, you can utilise your own format in the platform. Speak to us, we’ll be happy to test for you.

What document types to you support? EC4131C8-8AFF-439D-9B99-9672F28A248A

Microsoft Word documents work best, but we can accept RAMS in Word, PDF and Excel (currently risk assessment only).

Can I bring in supply chain? EC4131C8-8AFF-439D-9B99-9672F28A248A

Yes, your supply chain can take advantage of free Author accounts to utilise the platform.

How long is the implementation? EC4131C8-8AFF-439D-9B99-9672F28A248A

Implementation is very quick, we could have you up and running in 30 minutes.

How do you licence the product? EC4131C8-8AFF-439D-9B99-9672F28A248A

We base the cost on the number of approvers only, so you can have as many authors as required.

Where is my data stored? EC4131C8-8AFF-439D-9B99-9672F28A248A

All documents and data are stored in secure UK based data centres.

Is my data shared with anyone else? EC4131C8-8AFF-439D-9B99-9672F28A248A

The Intuety intelligence platform learns from the risks and mitigations seen in your risk assessments, but no other data is extracted. Documents you wish to store with us such as Incident reports or safe systems of work are kept private unless otherwise specified.

How long is data stored? EC4131C8-8AFF-439D-9B99-9672F28A248A

Documents and data are stored for the length of your agreed licence.

I no longer wish to use Intuety, will my data be deleted? EC4131C8-8AFF-439D-9B99-9672F28A248A

For auditing purposes, Intuety will store data and documents after your licence period. However, if you wish your data to be permanently deleted, contact Intuety Support who will be happy to assist you.