ESD, the Latest Organisation to Adopt the Intuety Platform

1 March 2023

ESD and the Use of Intuety

ESD have become the latest organisation to adopt the Intuety platform into their working practices.

Charles Arrowsmith – Health & Safety Operations Lead said:


“In ESD we have been using the Intuety platform since September 2022 to review our own risk assessments and method statements and those of our supply chain. The platform is helping identify additional controls which otherwise would not have been considered through a normal review process. The documentation is in one place, which we think will save time, money, add value and speed up the risk assessment and method statement review process for ESD.”

About ESD:

ESD Joint Venture is a Scottish Water design and construction partner engaged in the upgrade of water and wastewater treatment facilities. We help to increase the capacity, quality and sustainability of the water network. As a joint venture, involving MWH Treatment, Galliford Try and Binnies, our strength is in the mix of technologies and expertise we bring. By the end of this decade, we will have delivered more than £1.2 billion worth of projects.


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About Intuety:

Intuety is a cloud-based solution that brings AI into the health and Safety workplace. Our freely searchable library utilises semantic search and Natural Language Understanding to provide you with relevant Hazards, Risk and Mitigations based on what you search, instantly.

Intuety will provide each RAMS with a completely objective quality score out of 100% that improves throughout the process, which provides and element of gamification that motivates improvements.

Intuety provides Intelligent suggestions on each RAMS for risks and controls that may not have been considered or otherwise missed therefore improving the quality of the document and lowering the likelihood and severity of presented hazards. It also provides an analysis of the RA and MS, uncovering key improvements and insights, ensuring consistent documentation.

Intuety’s corporate memory narrows down thousands of internal and public lessons learned and incident documentation, to a short number of relevant documents every time.

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